Why Us?

We realize that when it comes to choosing a dentist in Hamilton you have many options. Almost everyone is very well qualified, so why choose Dr. Dhillon, and his team at Mountcrest Dental?

Standard of Care

Dr. Dhillon graduated in the UK in the top 5% in class and was trained by world-renowned professionals.

Dr. Dhillon’s philosophy has always been to be the best you can be. This led him to continue his education with further certification and experience in aspects and challenges which have taken him to a level few can demonstrate.

Welcoming Atmosphere

At Mountcrest Dental, Dr. Dhillon and his friendly knowledgeable staff work hard to establish solid relationships with each patient. We value and appreciate all patients, ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. At our dental center in Hamilton, you can count on a warm, welcoming environment from our committed team.

Honesty & Transparency

Trust is achieved by being consistently open and honest. Honesty is paramount for trust, and it’s a core value at our dental practice in Hamilton. We give all of our patients a complete list of options prior to any treatment so that they can make educated decisions about their own dental health.

Prioritize Long-Term Dental Health

Dental health care in Hamilton isn’t something that should be looked at on an appointment-by-appointment basis. It is a lifelong commitment that can pay off as you age. That is why we take a conservative approach to dentistry. Our aim is to stop teeth from deteriorating by offering less invasive treatments. We give your natural teeth a chance to last a lifetime.

Meet Dr. Dhillon

Dr. Dhillon grew up in the United Kingdom where he graduated at the top of his class from the Royal Dental Hospital of London. On graduating he was offered a teaching position at the Royal Dental Hospital in Oral Surgery. Though surgery was his passion, he decided to pursue a career working in private practice, where he gained experience in administering general anesthetics. This led to being an owner and principal dentist of a multi-practice in London where he worked for several years.

As a firm believer in advancing his career, his move to Canada advanced his skills further by working in an underserved remote area where there was an urgent need for practitioners. This enabled him to hone his skills.

Dr. Dhillon advanced his training further with implantology, his dentistry as well offers expert personalized care within general and commonly specialty areas such as endodontics, oral surgery including cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry within a State-of-the-Art dental office.

When Dr.D. is not working he enjoys working out at his local gym, listening to music and quality family time.

Your Opinion Matters

We are thrilled that our services have been rated 5 stars.