Tooth Fillings Hamilton, ON

One of the most common dental treatments we perform is tooth fillings. Dental fillings help stop tooth decay and preserve your natural tooth.
Dental fillings in Hamilton are one of the most common dental treatments. Tooth fillings help restore and preserve teeth with chips, fractures, or cavities. This simple treatment option restores the look and feel of teeth.

The dental team at Mountcrest Dental will assess your teeth and determine if you need any dental fillings. If a tooth filling in Hamilton is right for you, we carefully clean the tooth before placing your filling.

Why Get a Dental Filling at Mountcrest Dental?

Do you suffer from tooth decay or damage? Tooth fillings are a simple, effective way to preserve your natural teeth. We commonly use them to treat cavities, but they can also help strengthen chipped or broken teeth.

In the past, fillings were only made from gold or silver, meaning they stuck out a lot visually. Thanks to modern dental advancements, we can now offer white fillings in Hamilton. While fillings are created from porcelain, providing an incredibly natural-looking solution. We will find the right filling material to match your natural smile.

Dental Fillings in Hamilton, ON

The tooth filling procedure is fast and simple. We use a local anesthetic to numb the mouth, but we do also offer sedation options for patients who need it. First, we remove the decayed or damaged tooth material. Then, we thoroughly clean the area. Finally, we fill the cavity with your choice of white tooth filling in Hamilton. The filling restores the tooth’s shape and helps protect it. Our team at Mountcrest Dental is here to help you restore and protect your natural teeth. We will first perform a dental cleaning and exam to determine if tooth fillings can help you. If so, you can count on our team for tooth fillings in Hamilton. Give us a call to learn more or schedule your appointment today!

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