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Get emergency dental treatment when you need it with our emergency dentistry services.
Dental emergencies need fast treatment, but they can arise in the most unexpected times. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, including extreme tooth pain, lost fillings, or major tooth injuries, visit our 24-hour emergency dentist in Hamilton.

Mountcrest Dental offers emergency dental care in Hamilton that you can count on. Our dedicated team is here to help you address your concern as quickly as possible. When it comes to dental emergencies, our team knows how important it is to act quickly and carefully.

What is a Dental Emergency?

How do you know if you have a dental emergency or a concern that can wait until later?

Dental emergencies are dental concerns that need immediate treatment. Some examples include:
Early intervention is paramount for preventing more extensive damage to your mouth tissue and teeth. Furthermore, emergency dental treatment in Hamilton helps alleviate your discomfort. Our emergency dentist is here to assess your oral health concern and provide you with effective treatment.

Can Emergency Dental Care Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Sports accidents, falls, and other facial trauma can lead to the dreaded knocked-out tooth. One of the scariest parts of knocking out a tooth is wondering if it can ever return to normal. Can you put back a knocked-out tooth?

The good news is that many times we can save your knocked-out tooth and put it back! Your gums can reimplant the tooth if it’s put back in quickly. If you experienced a knocked-out tooth, pick it up from the top (not touching the root), rinse it with water, and put it back in the tooth socket. Gently bite down to hold it in place.

Then visit our emergency dental center for assistance.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Hamilton

Dental emergencies can be terrifying, but our team at Mountcrest Dental is here to help. If you experience a dental emergency, then visit our emergency dental clinic in Hamilton. To ensure quick treatment, give us a call so we know you are coming.

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