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Address tooth loss and prevent teeth from shifting with a dental bridge. We offer dental bridge treatment here in Hamilton.
Old Couple Smiling After Undergoing Tooth Bridge Procedure in Hamilton
If you suffer from missing teeth, then a dental bridge may be a solution for you. A tooth bridge in Hamilton is a permanent prosthesis. It’s supported by your remaining teeth or a dental implant. The most common teeth bridge materials include metal, alloys, gold, or porcelain. Our team at Mountcrest Dental is here to help you restore your smile. We will help you determine if a dental bridge treatment is right for you. If so, you can count on us for a smooth dental bridge procedure in Hamilton.

Benefits of a Permanent Dental Bridge in Hamilton

A tooth bridge fills the space of one or more missing teeth. We place dental crowns on the neighboring teeth. These are known as abutments. The other option is to place a dental implant to hold a false tooth, or pontic, in place. We complete the dental bridge procedure in two visits, restoring your smile quickly and easily. The top reasons we recommend a permanent bridge in Hamilton are to:

Dental Bridge Procedure in Hamilton

Our team will help you decide if a custom dental bridge is the best option for your unique smile. If we decide that a tooth bridge is right for you, you can count on receiving quality care with a dental bridge procedure from Mountcrest Dental.

Understandably, many patients want to know “what is the dental bridge cost in Hamilton?” Every patient and every smile is unique. We provide your personalized quote before treatment. We know just how important quality, affordable care is.

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